Eagle Heights repaint

Only four years old but due to the quality of the paint used by the new build painters this huge home on 19 acres needed a repaint only after 4 years. The paint had already started to go chalky which is a sign a poor quality paint was used for the original paint job.

The owners contacted us and we gave them a quote to fix the areas that needed it or a whole repaint. They went with a whole repaint which was the right way to go, using Dulux weathershield paint we repainted the weatherboards, rendered walls, facia and soffits. The chalky walls we applied Dulux oil sealer binder before applying two coats of Dulux weathershield. The facia in places had already started to flake away so we also applied the sealer binder to those areas after a good sand. We waterblasted the whole house before we started any paint work.

Weatherboards painted with dulux weathershield

walls weathershield dulux

Windows masked up so no paint spray can mark them.

masked windows

masked window

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