Re-paint of Queenslander home Gold Coast

A repaint job of a 2007 build Queenslander in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The ballustrade, posts, decks, beams and timber doors & windows had all been damaged by the sun & mould.

The Queenslander sits on the side of Mount Tamborine and has a lovely view of the Gold Coast. But this also makes it open to all the weather and the sun for most of the day.

The hand rails were weather damaged, the ballustrades were covered in mould and the decks had Intergrain DWD originally applied to them and had blistered and in some places worn away.

We started out by applying Flood Mould action to kill of the mould. Then we waterblasted the mould and other areas we were painting. We sanded the worst affected areas and then sprayed two coats of Weathershield x10 semi gloss in taubmans Promised land to the balustrades. We applied 2 coats of Dulux weathershield in colourbond Jasper to the hand rails. We applied 2 coats of Dulux weathershield in Taubmans bedford road to posts, beams and decorations.

The deck we had to scrap back to timber in the worst affected areas. This is dome best with a tungsten blade which scrapes off all the weathered DWD quite easily and better than using sanders or paint strippers. We then applied the DWD tri shield application system and in the areas we did not need to scrape we applied 2 coats of DWD.

The timber doors and windows we lightly sanded and applied 2 coats of Sikkens Filter 7 plus in light oak for a professional finish.


Ballustrade & stairs

Stairs DWD with promised land trim

dwd deck sikkens filter 7 doors

jasper handrails bedford road posts

Sikkens filter 7 doors

Promised land ballustrade dwd deck

dwd deck

dwd deck

promised land ballustrade

sikkens filter 7 light oak stain

promised land ballustrade

#intergraindwd #weathershield #taubmanspromisedland #taubmansbedfordroad #sikkensfilter7plus #lightoak #queenslander #colourbondjasper

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