Coomera Gorge Drive Tamborine Mountain exterior repaint

Painting the weatherboards & soffit on an existing house on Coomera Gorge drive. The house had been repainted 7 years ago and a Taubmans matt paint had been used by the previous painter. The paint had not weathered well and was chalking badly. We are washing down the entire exterior and sanding where badly chalking. We are applyin Dulux Weathersheild in low sheen which due to the position of the house on the edge of the mountain to get great views but is also subject to all the weather being so open. The weather sheild from Dulux should provide the protection that nis needed and won't chalk as badly as the Taubmans matt paint that was used before.

difference between matt & low sheen paint

The weathersheild being painted over the previous matt finish.

great view for painting

great view for painting.

low sheen weathersheild painted over matt paint

See the difference between the low sheen weathersheild & the matt finish from before.

painted weatherboards
weathersheild low sheen to matt finish
weathersheild painted over the matt finish

#housepainting #mounttamborineexteriorpainting

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