trim painting on house in Golf course area Tamborine Mountain

worn out and tired this low set brick home in the 'Golf Course' area of Mount Tamborine needed a repaint for sale. After a powerwash and good sanding, the gutters were painted in Dulux Weathersheild in the colour of colourbond paperbark. The timber facia was painted in Dulux weathershield in the colour of Dulux Ecru. The soffits were painted in 1/2 strength Ecru and the old timber weathboards were primed with an oil primer to stop the tanins coming through and then 2 coats of Dulux weathershield in Ecru. Also downpipes, pipes and other items were in the paperbark colour.

This gave the house new life and will make the property easier to sell when on the market in the future.

facia weathershield in dulux ecru
Soffits in 1/2 strength ecru
downpipes in paperbark & weatherboards in Ecru
Gutter in paperbark in dulux weathershield.

#tamborinemountainpaintinghouse #weathershield #colourbondpaperbark #ecru

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