Painting Matrix board in various colours (tetris like) Saint Michaels

Painting of Matrix board

On stage 2 of our Saint Michaels project the exterior cladding was to be Matrix board cut into different shapes and sizes and painted one of 3 colours with black edging and gaps. While this was a very time consuming job the final finish of this exterior cladding looks great.

Each board had to be filled where the holes were drilled and to get a perfect flush finish. We had to use to filling compounds one stronger to fill the main hole and finish off with a super smooth gloss plaster for the top of the hole. Also all the edging and gap that surrounds each board had to be painted black which was also very time consuming. The boards then were paited with a very fine nap roller sleeve in one of the 3 colours. They were all colourbond colours consisting of Wallaby, surfmist and Evening haze.

Once the walls were done there were sunhoods fitted around the windows consisted of 3 boards which were each one of the 3 colours to give a uniform and very good looking finish.

Matrix board with drill holes filled:

matrix board
filled matrix board

Applying paint to the boards with short nap roller sleeve
painting matrix board
painting matrix board in colour bond colours

Finished walls before sunhoods go on
finished painting matrix board
tetris like finish

Sunhoods painted and on

painted sun hoods
painted matrix board sunhoods

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