Staining deck, ballustrades, privacy screens & painting balcony

Recent job where we had to apply an oil to a customers new timber hardwood deck. Sand back the paint on old pine deck and apply a stained oil product and apply the same to the new ballustrade and privacy screens. Also we had to repaint the pergola after power washing of the mold and other grime.

On the hardwood deck we prepared with Cabots deck clean which is a cleaning agent that cleans tanins from new timber and prepares exterior timber for coating.

Then 3 coats of Cabots Natural decking oil was applied. On the old pine deck the surface was sanded and 3 coats of Cabots Deck & Exterior oil based stain was used. This product was also used on the balustrades, privacy screen & handrails which had 3 coats applied for a deep & lasting finish.

The pergola had 2 coats of Dulux Weathersheild matched to the previous colour.

As with all painting projects it is important to prepare the surfaces.

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